Handmade Bespoke Tee Pees

My girls love making dens - so a magical hideaway was needed and what a success it has been!

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Handmade quality bespoke Tee Pees, made in a colour scheme or theme of your choice. I can make any colour combination you would like - the examples above show contrasting doors which look really effective.

I have added a flower motif on the pink example and a star motif on the blue example - both sewn as decoration above the door. The tee pee shown here has a window - complete with matching curtains!

These are large and measure approx. 130cm x 100cm (inside square base) and are 160cm tall. They fold up (shown below) or can be taken down completely by removing the wooden poles - the fabric can then be folded and stored safely.


There are various price ranges available:

Option 1: Tee pee with window, curtains and ribbon tie backs. Motif (flower, heart or star) above the door @ £150

Option 2: All of the above without a window @ £120

Additional extra: Quilted floor mat made in matching fabrics to lay on the floor inside the Tee pee @ £30

004   010   IMG_5750




Tee Pee Folded Up       A happy customer!
Fabrics for main body of the Tee Pee:        
350804934333_1   271465315298_3    


Fabrics for doors and curtains:        
003   004   005
009   190558279194_43   221210946642_2

If none of these fabrics are what you are looking for, please do contact me

I am always sourcing new fabrics or click HERE to order your very own bespoke Tee Pee!