Pet Accessories

We have just had a new addition to our family, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel called George!

George's arrival has inspired a whole new range of accessories for pets, a range which will grow in time. To start with we have:



Personalised cotton bandanas fully lined. These thread onto a collar (as shown in photo 2) thus making a neat and safe accessorie for a cat or dog.  

Lettering comes in any colour required. The bandana's are lined in a contrasting colour scheme.


They come in three sizes (size of the triangular part):

Medium: 28cm x 15cm @ £7.00 each

Large: 30cm x 18cm @ £10 each


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 IMG_5563    IMG_5560
 IMG_5574   IMG_5565 
 IMG_8087 (1)   IMG_0759 
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Pet Food Storage Boxes

A lovely commission, this large storage box was made using wipeable oilcloth and lined in the same. 

Cardboard inserts allow a strong, ridged finish. Personalised with wording of your choice.

This can be made in any size, the example shown below was 30cm x 30cm.

£25.00 each

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Doggy Poo Bag Holders

These neat fabric pouches are designed to hook onto a lead, collar or person's jacket. Each pouch holds a rolled up poo bag(s) ready for walks out and about and has a velcro base to keep the bag securely inside.

£3.50 each


IMG_9797  IMG_9799



Pet Stockings

Christmas Stockings for pets - after all they need presents too!

These can be made in any colour scheme required - the examples shown here are a woollen tweed fabric. All stockings come lined in a cream paw print linen fabric. 

To add that personal touch, these stockings come personalised with the pet's name; for dogs - a bone shape and for cats - a fish shape.

If you would prefer something else - contact me

£12.50 each

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IMG_5601 (1)      IMG_5610 (1)   IMG_5616 (1)   

 To discuss fabrics available or something new, please do contact me HERE