Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year!!


Stocking Sacks

Large cotton Stocking Sack with a child's name sewn in large applique letters accross the middle.  These large sacks are lined - you have a choice of gorgeous Christmas fabric on the outside or inside. I add a useful tab in the corner to hang the stocking up.  You can also choose to have an open topped stocking or a drawstring stocking sack. 


There are three size options:

X Large (50cm x 80cm)  £25 each

Large (43cm x 60cm)   £20 each

Medium (34cm x 45cm)  £16.50 each


Fabric choices are shown below.


These are made to your specification so please let me know your required size, fabric choice or colour scheme and name - ready for Father Christmas to fill on Christmas Eve!


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Each stocking sack is different to suit the customer's needs, some are personalised, some have different motifs on the front, the choice is yours! 

Hessian sacks make great stocking sacks too, examples below.  My most popular sacks last Christmas had silver sleigh and reindeer iron-on motifs added to the front. 


Cotton Stockings made using quality Clarke & Clarke Red or Green spotty fabric and lined with a contrasting Christmassy fabric. These are personalised with a name on the top sash or a luggage lable style. These come in two different sizes:


Small (approx 17cm x 37cm)  £12.50

Large (approx 20cm x 57cm)  £14.50


Fabric choices are shown below.


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Patchwork Stockings

Cotton Patchwork Stockings lined with a contrasting fabric.  I personalise these with either a name across the top sash or luggage lable style. These measure 53cm x 20cm.


Personalised (please state either luggage tag style or a name across the top)   £25 each

Unpersonalised  £20 each


Fabric choices are shown below.


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Christmas Bunting

Christmas bunting made using Christmas cottons and the lettering “Noel”

8 x large Christmas flags  £16.50


Advent Bunting

Gorgeous Christmas bunting with 25 pockets to put sweeties and treats inside for the lead up to Christmas! 

Each pocket has a wooden star and numbers representing each day.

£25 each


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Because our pets need presents too at Christmas time, check out my personalised Pet Stockings HERE

Cream Christmas Trees

Green Christmas Trees


Red Snowflakes

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Multi Snowflake


Christmas Decorations

Red Christmas Trees

Red Stars