Children love to make dens - so why not design your own magical hideaway to keep children entertained for hours!


Handmade quality bespoke Tee Pees, made in a colour scheme or theme of your choice. I can make any colour combination you would like - the examples above show contrasting doors which look really effective.


I have added a flower motif on the pink example and a star motif on the blue example - both sewn as decoration above the door. The tee pee shown here has a window - complete with matching curtains!


These are large and measure approx. 130cm x 100cm (inside square base) and are 160cm tall. They fold up (shown below) or can be taken down completely by removing the wooden poles - the fabric can then be folded and stored safely.


There are various price options available:

Option 1: Tee pee with window, curtains and ribbon tie backs. Motif (flower, heart or star) or name above the door @ £150

Option 2: Tee Pee ithout a window. Motif or name above the door @ £120

Additional extra: Large quilted floor mat made in matching fabrics to lay on the floor inside the Tee pee @ £35


This is a personal bespoke item and fabrics will be dependant on each person's specific requirements. If you CONTACT ME to discuss options we can work out the best fabrics for you. However, examples of fabrics are HERE.


Click HERE to order your very own bespoke Tee Pee!